2015 : 6th International Anthracology Meeting

  • Dufraisse A., S. Coubray, O. Girardclos, N. Nocus, M. Lemoine, J.-L. Dupouey, Dominique Marguerie Anthraco-typology as a key approach to past firewood exploitation and woodland management reconstructions. Dendrological reference dataset modelling with dendro-anthracological tools.
  • Coubray S., A. Dufraisse, A. Dupin, M. Lemoine, O. Girardclos. Development of tyloses quantification method in oak : application to charcoal assemblages from two archaeological sites in northern France.
  • Baton F., A. Dufraisse, M. Lemoine, V. Vaury, S. Derenne, A. Delorme, T.T. Nguyen Tu. Effects of oxygenated carbonization on the isotope signal in tree rings. Implication for ancient charcoals.
  • Patzlaff R., A. Dufraisse, R. Scheel-Ybert. Dendro-anthracometry in tropical trees : using fiber lines to obtain wood referentials for diameters measurements. Implication for ancient charcoals.