Pith location tool : printed trigonometric target

The access to a specific equipment (macroscope combined with a software image analysis) is not always possible due to logistic reasons. We are therefore creating a printed calibrated target based on the trigonometric principle ; this means without taking into account the tree-ring curvature but based on the angle and the distance between ligneous rays. The target can be printed out on different supports (rigid/soft). This target is ready to use under a binocular stereomicroscope as a PLT to easily estimate a class of charcoal-pith distance (and not a strict value) on charcoal fragments big enough (Dufraisse et al., forthecoming).

Please, cite :
Dufraisse A. Picornell-Gelabert Ll., Aladini M., Bouchaud C., Bourguet C. Cantave A., Coubray S., Dabrowski V., Decaix A., Lemoine M., Salavert A. (forthecoming). Pith location tool for wood diameter analysis : comparison of a printed trigonometric target vs a semi-automatic image-analysis (TRIGO tool) on charcoal fragments. Anthraco2019 - 7th International Anthracology Meeting Charcoal Science in Archaeology and Palaeoecology University of Liverpool, UK, 2-6 September 2019