2018 : Anthraco-typology

Dufraisse A., S. Coubray, O. Girardclos, N. Nocus, M. Lemoine, J.-L. Dupouey, D. Marguerie (2018). Anthraco-typology as a key approach to past (...)

2018 : Tyloses

Dufraisse A., S. Coubray, O. Girardclos, A. Dupin, M. Lemoine (2018). Contribution of tyloses quantification in earlywood oak vessels to (...)

2018 : Coppice or Seed Trees

O. Girardclos, A. Dufraisse, J.L. Dupouey, S. Coubray, J. Ruelle, C. Rathgeber (2018). Improving identification of coppiced and seeded trees in (...)

2018 : Charcoal Shrinkage

Grenouillet-Paradis S. et Dufraisse A. (2018). Deciduous oak/chestnut : Differential shrinkage of wood during charcoalification ? Preliminary (...)

2017 : Anthracology of charcoal kilns

Dupin A., O. Girardclos, C. Laplaige, C. Fruchart, L. Nuninger, A. Dufraisse, E. Gauthier. (2017). Anthracology of charcoal kilns in the forest (...)

2017 Charcoal Isotopes

Baton F., TT. Nguyen Tu, S. Derenne, A. Delorme, F. Delarue, A. Dufraisse(2017). Seasonal climatic variations recorded by ring d13C of (...)